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Community-Centred Conservation

Protecting wildlife and habitat by building local capacity and improving livelihoods

Our success in protecting habitat for chimpanzees in Africa depends on creating programs that are controlled and embraced by the local people. The Jane Goodall Institute's community-centred conservation (CCC) programs in Africa empower local people to build sustainable livelihoods while promoting regional conservation goals such as reforestation and ending the illegal, commercial bushmeat trade.

The TACARE ("Take Care") program started around Gombe in 1994, and was designed to address poverty and support sustainable livelihoods in villages around Lake Tanganyika, while preventing further loss of forest habitat.

The project focuses on community socio-economic development and offers training and education in sustainable natural resource management, agriculture and forestry, as well as addressing community health and education needs.

Today, our CCC model is rapidly expanding to many of the areas where JGI is working in Africa,including Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where critical chimp habitat exists.

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Growing Hope, Uganda

In January 2010, JGI Canada began the “Sustainable Livelihoods Project" in Uganda. Through this three year project in Western Uganda, we are working to improve the health, well-being and livelihoods of local people, while simultaneously conserving and restoring habitat for wild chimpanzee populations. This project will benefit 3,500 people in 700 households, and create forest resources between Bugoma and Wambabya Forest Reserves, for both humans and chimpanzees.

Healthy Communities and Forests, DRC

JGI’s programming in the heart of the Congo Basin is improving access to reproductive health services, raising awareness, and strengthening local health care systems. As such, we are addressing basic local needs and working towards the conservation of a critical biodiversity hot spot that is especially important for chimpanzees and gorillas.

In January 2012, we started a holistic project in the same area name "Better Beginnings, Stronger Families", in partnership with CIDA, the project aims to implement three components: Livelihood, education and health.

Greater Gombe Ecosystems Project, Tanzania

The TACARE project has been expanded to protect an inter-connected network of forests adjacent to villages outside Gombe National Park. JGI Canada has specifically supported the micro-credit program and agro-forestry initiatives of this large, multi-faceted community-centred conservation project. Learn more.

Check out a video about promoting sustainable agriculture around Gombe