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An Intimate Evening with Jane Goodall

Join us at Cantine Bar and Grill for a special evening of stories and conversation with  acclaimed primatologist, environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall. 

There are limited tickets available for this small and intimate event - a wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Goodall in person!  

Wine & Appetizers 

Address by Dr.Goodall

Scheduled book signing

**$225 charitable tax receipt will be provided with each ticket purchase, to the purchaser.


Dr. Jane Goodall Canadian Lecture Tour Spring 2015

                               Dr. Goodall lecturing at Jubilee Hall in 2010  Credit: Catalin Mitrache

Join Dr. Jane Goodall in Calgary on April 8th, 2015 as she takes us on a Journey Beyond The Jungle! Presented by Vets To Go, this extraordinary evening offers a unique look into the lives of the animals with whom we share the world. Explore the relationship between humans, animals and our planet, and learn how small changes can make a big impact on our world.

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Roots & Shoots Artwork Contest

To cooperate with Dr. Jane Goodall Canadian Lecture Tour, an art contest entitled Beyond The Jungle was organized for kindergarten to grade 12 students in Calgary.

We are excited to share the winners from the art contest, who were chosen by Dr. Jane Goodall.

To check out the amazing art work, please click here.

Jane Goodall's New Year's Message

Photo by Thomas D. Mangelsen

Happy New Year to all my friends and supporters – JGI and Roots & Shoots family around the world.

First of all let me share my hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of us. We have to face up to the fact that all over the world there is an awful lot of bad news, but we must take heart from the fact that there are also wonderful and inspirational people creating a tremendous amo

unt of good news, most of which is never reported.  And we, at JGI, are doing our share in making this a better world for all living things. If only we had a way of somehow demonstrating just how much of a difference we are making, people would be amazed. Because I am always visiting the countries where we work, it’s clear to me that what is happening is magical.  And each one of you has contributed in your own way. So I want to say a big, warm, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone in my JGI family.

I am writing from my third floor attic eyrie in the Birches, the house where I grew up. Where my sister and her family live, keeping the home fires burning, and where I retreat between my endless tours around the world. I am thinking back over 2014. What a year it was. I was in 25 countries, 5 of them more than once. Planes, hotels, lectures, meetings, packing. So much fit into twelve months. Exhausting – but productive.. The 28 JGIs are getting more and more organized, JGI Global is a registered entity and JGI-Europe is coming together. Roots & Shoots is active in 138 countries, with some 150,000 groups of all ages, preschool through university. Collectively they are making a huge impact as they work to improve things for people, other animals and the environment.

On April 3rd I found I had reached the extraordinary age of 80!!! 80 years on planet Earth. That is a very long time. And as, with each passing year, I am one year closer to the end of my mortal life, I feel I have to try and accomplish even more in the time left. So rather than slow down I am speeding up! So many people ask me what keeps me going, and where I get my energy from, that I’ll try to explain. There are several reasons why  I am able to do what I do.

The first is my genes. Almost every day I thank my lucky stars – genes! That I have been so healthy, have such a strong immune system.

The second is my upbringing, the support I received as a child from a wise mother and loving family. It definitely helped to shape my very determined, resilient and optimistic personality. It was my mother who told me to follow my dreams and never give up. To respect the views of others, but also to have the courage of my (carefully evaluated) convictions.

The third is the spiritual strength and comfort I derive from snatched moments in nature. The times spent in the forests of Gombe, so long my home; a night on Ngamba Island in Uganda, in a tent close to the moonlit water of Lake Victoria, and waking to the sound of the chimpanzees and a myriad of birds greeting the  new day; walking through the dry forests of Dindefelo in Senegal to a fantastic and beautiful waterfall; silently moving up the Erh Ren River in Tainan, Taiwan where I also watched fiddler crabs on newly restored mud flats, and pheasant tailed jacana picking their way over the lotus leaves in the newly restored wetlands; waking to the sounds of birds in Martha’s Bungalow, in complete solitude, high up in the forests of Kadoorie  Farm and Botanical Gardens in Hong Kong; walking through a protected woodland area in South Korea;  watching the sandhill cranes fly in to their roost on the Platte River as the setting sun created a golden and crimson tapestry with the evening clouds; walking in the alpine forest that surrounds Walter Inmann’s cabin near Vienna in Austria; and looking out at the summer foliage of the birch and beech trees surrounding the ancient pines from the third floor window of my tiny attic room in Bournemouth, listening to the dawn chorus of the same birds that sang to a young girl who dreamed of going to Africa.

Finally, fourth and most important is the incredible support I get from my family and friends, from the staff , board, other volunteers, donors and members of the 28 JGIs and all the Roots & Shoots from around the world. From all of you. Everywhere I go I am welcomed and nurtured. Sometimes I face very demanding schedules, but the enthusiasm and hard work of each country’s team is wonderful and energizing. And the response of the audiences after my lectures is totally energizing.

I am preparing a photo essay about my travels during my 80th birthday year which I shall share after April 3rd, 2015 which ends my birthday year. But for now I just want to repeat my heartfelt gratitude to all of you, all my JGI and R&S family, for helping to make this a better world. As we move forward into 2015 we shall face countless challenges and, inevitably, disappointments. But together, if each of us plays our part, we shall also realize remarkable success.

Is there hope for the future? Yes, because of the energy and commitment of young people who know the problems and take action to solve them. And because of the power of the human brain for good when it is in harmony with the human heart.  And because habitats and animals and the human spirit are amazingly resilient.

Let us not forget that every one of us makes a difference. Every day.  And we have the choice as to what sort of difference we will make. If we just think about the consequences of the small choices we make – what we eat, what we wear, what we buy. How did it affect the environment?  Was child (or adult) slave labor involved?  Or animal suffering?

The cumulative effect of even small ethical choices made by thousands of individuals can help us move towards the kind of world we want to leave for our children, and theirs. 



Jane Goodall,   Ph.D., DBE

Founder,the Jane Goodall Institute

& UN Messenger of Peace



Host a party in honour of Dr. Jane's 80th Birthday

Proceeds go towards the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.

In honour of Dr. Goodall's 80th birthday ECHOage has designed a commemorative invitation for their party planners.

Hosting an ECHOage party develops compassion and inspires generosity. It involves you in the important work of the Jane Goodall Institute, and the host will receive a Chimp Guardian certificate, and a photo and biography of a chimpanzee from Tchimpounga Sanctuary.    

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